Summer Learning Loss: What is it, and how does Summer Camp help?

Summer Vacation. The most sought-after time of the year for any child who gets to take a three month break from school. Children look forward to this break sometimes as early as September each year. This break from learning and classroom settings, believe it or not, can have impacts on future learning. Teachers and Childcare Professionals are already versed in tips and tricks to prevent summer learning loss, but what else can parents do? And why is it so important to combat it?

Summer learning loss, sometimes referred to as the summer slide has always been on the radar of educators and school personnel. It is the gap in learning that can occur during summer months. Children can face challenges when they return to schools in the fall, and sometimes need to spend time re-learning the previous years’ content as the lack of summer engagement and stimuli has caused the material to be lost.  The older your child gets, the more they risk losing each year as they continue to build on existing school year academics and outside of school activities.

It should be noted that learning is often assumed to be linear and that performance, both successes and failures, are measured through standardized testing and performance evaluations. This format for measuring performance may leave some gaps in the information that we have related to summer learning loss, but it remains a priority for parents to keep their children engaged and active during this time.

Summer Camp, and summer enrichment programs can reduce the percentage of students who experience this loss by up to 50%. In fact, Summer Camps appeal to more children as they provide an experience with educational components, without a targeted subject material. Campers at Camp HotSpots can be successful in a group at camp regardless of their academic inclinations or preferences, as our camp curriculum is adjusted so that it is applicable to multiple age groups. This style of differentiated instruction encourages campers to problem solve and accomplish goals at their own speed using their preferred style of learning. It also allows them a space in which their classroom knowledge can be applied to real situations.

Camp exists as a realistic and viable option for families, promoting activities with an educational component that exercise the mind and body. It reinforces a routine or a schedule for your child to follow as they enjoy time away from the classroom. At Camp HotSpots, we will support campers in the summer learning journeys, providing support and appreciation along the way.

Our kids need to be reminded that they have done a lot of great things this year and that they are successful even during the small moments. There is an exceptional amount of resilience and creativity that happens over the summer. Camp HotSpots will promote these alternative learning methods and encourages everyone to try new things. Embracing and accepting that there may be a re-design of summer learning is a great first step in helping our children achieve success.

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