Preparing for your First Day at Camp HotSpots!

As we grow closer to the end of the school year, parents and families are beginning to prepare for a summer of fun, friends, and of course spending time outside and enjoying nature at Camp! Preparing for Camp is a bit different than preparing for another year at school, and it is best to plan ahead so that you are fully prepared.

Here are some tips and tricks to help your family and your campers have a smooth transition from the classroom to the great outdoors.

Re-Use what you can!

Since campers spend the majority of their day outdoors there is a good chance they will come in contact with some of the elements before jumping in the car at the end of the day. Our suggestion is to re-use as much as you can from the school year and hold off a few extra months on the new shoes and clothes.

Teach Your Camper how to apply Sunscreen!

We recommend that parents take a few minutes prior to their child’s first day of camp to teach them how to apply their sunscreen. Camp counselors will remind campers to re-apply their sunscreen and of course we will assist when we are available. It is helpful to our team if your child can do this independently.

Label Your Campers Belongings

There are duplicates of almost everything at Camp, so be sure to clearly label all belongings that arrive with your child so that they can be identified if they are mis-placed. As a reminder, our campers are provided a gear bag that includes a Backpack, water bottle, T-shirt, and a wet/dry bag. These in addition to some sunscreen’s will be the same color and design for all campers so be sure to label all of these items so we know who they belong to.

Keep your electronics and valuables at home!

Expensive items should remain home to ensure they are not lost or broken at camp. Campers spend most of their time outdoors and prolonged heat exposure can cause damage to electronics. Trading Card Games are not allowed at Camp HotSpots, as they are disruptive to the camp day, and since they can be traded there is often confusion as to who is the true ‘owner’ of these cards. Please keep them at home!

Socks & Shoes

Camp HotSpots is home to a variety of terrain and outdoor ecosystems. We suggest campers wear closed toed shoes as well as socks at all times while at camp unless they are in the swim area. Closed toed shoes help to prevent injury and allow campers to participate in our activities without restrictions.

Lost and Found

Any items left at camp at the end of each day will be placed in that week’s lost and found. Parents or Campers should notify Camp Management of any lost items immediately. Any items not claimed by the end of each week will be held and stored at camp for 2 weeks, then donated or disposed of. As an example, the lost and found from week 1 at camp will be donated at the end of week 3 of camp and so on.

Camp HotSpots Gear Bag Items:
-Water Bottle
-Wet/Dry Bag
-T Shirt

Camp HotSpots Suggested packing list:
-Swimsuit & Swim Gear (we suggest arriving to camp dressed in your swim suit)
-Bug Spray
-Extra Water Bottle
-Extra change of clothes
-A non-perishable lunch & snacks
-A hat or sunglasses for sun protection
-Water shoes or sandals (for the pool area only)

PRO TIP: If you freeze a plastic water bottle overnight and place it in your campers lunch it can act as an ice pack to keep the lunch cool, and then can be used as extra drinking water!