Health & Wellness

We are excited about the opportunity to once again provide amazing and memorable experiences for our campers and parents this summer! This summer, Camp HotSpots will be operating under special procedures and policies. These policies were developed using recommendations from the Center for Disease Control and the Environmental Health & Engineering’s Field Guide for Camps.


**Please note that these procedures are subject to change as recommendations from health officials and government regulations are updated**



Camp HotSpots Management Team:

Lesley Kroll, Camp Director


Drop off – “Kiss and Go”
  • During drop off, all individuals will be subject to daily screenings:
    • Temperature check
    • Standard screening questions
    • All information will be documented and kept confidential for our records
  • Individuals from outside camp will not be permitted to enter the campgrounds or enter any camp buildings without explicit permission from a member of camp management and only if the situation permits
  • Only one individual will be permitted to accompany campers to check-in and all individuals will be required to wear a face-covering at this point


Pick up – “Park and Call”
  • Camper pick up will follow similar procedures
  • Upon arrival to pick up your child, please remain in your vehicle
  • Call and speak with a member of camp management
  • A staff member will escort your child to your vehicle


Daily Operation
  • At no time will any group size exceed 10 individuals: 9 campers and 1 staff member
  • Groups will be treated as households, participating in activities together for the duration of the camp day
  • Groups will remain separate from other groups by following recommended social distancing methods
  • All campers are encouraged to wear face masks whenever possible
  • All staff will wear face coverings


  • All campers utilizing our transportation option will be grouped in a way that will prevent mixing of camp groups
  • Campers and Staff will use face coverings at all time during transportation
  • Buses will be ventilated during use
  • Campers will not be permitted to share seats during transportation to and from camp
  • All buses will be cleaned and disinfected after each use


Infection Control
  • All CHS staff will be trained on the following:
    • Monitoring for signs and symptoms of the COVID-19 virus
    • Proper cleaning and disinfecting of equipment and facilities
    • Camp HotSpots COVID-19 policies and procedures
  • Campers will sanitize hands before and after each scheduled activity to prevent cross-contamination
    • Campers should bring hand sanitizer for personal use throughout the day
  • Camp HotSpots will have adequate inventory of medical supplies including hand soap, alcohol-based hand sanitizer, and cleaning/disinfecting products


Response and Management
  • In the event an individual shows signs or symptoms of COVID-19:
    • The individual will be safely isolated with a face covering
    • Safe transportation will be immediately secured home or to a healthcare facility
  • Any staff or camper exposed to a person who has been diagnosed with a confirmed or probable case of COVID-19 will not be permitted to work or attend Camp HotSpots until they have completed self-quarantine in accordance with CDC guidelines
  • In the case of a confirmed case of COVID-19 at Camp HotSpots, parents and local health officials will be notified and all recommended actions will be taken


**All policies and procedures outlined above are subject to change as recommendations from health officials and government regulations are updated**


Thank you for doing your part to ensure we have a safe summer at Camp HotSpots!



The Camp HotSpots Team